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Lightbringers Prompt: Creation/Destruction
Sanosuke did his best to avoid staring at the crystal as they left the markets. Not his own, which he could sense trailing behind him, perhaps a little odd in that it was longer and thinner than most pomu crystals tended to be. No, he and the other villagers were used to the slight oddity of his own crystal, which he thought reflected the unusual characteristics of his horns. This new crystal was something completely different. Sano’s eyes kept sliding to it even when he tried to prevent them doing so. He’d watched as other villagers faltered or stumbled upon spying the unfamiliar crystal, done a double-take back to the elnin who owned it, before drawing away if not outright fleeing. In his village’s defence, they were superstitious - and rightly so, with a forest of spiritkin and other malicious entities right outside. Even for them, a pomu crystal glowing sickly green and formed of violently protruding shards signalled something Very Wrong.
The visitor might be able
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Paypal Commission [CLOSED]
. . . Hey Ho!
First of all, wanna say Thank you so much for all the supports I got till this day!
and gonna talk about Commission here...
I raised up my price, omg I'm really sorry if it turned out so pricey... Really need to save up for my family too. I hope the prices here are acceptable //cries// also just like the tittle, I will only accept paypal.
A quick warning that I might slow down my drawing pace for commission here a bit if I have to multi-tasking for other projects and I'm not a dude who can hang out with my laptop 24 hours a day //weeps
Please be patient with me and hopefully I can make this batch better than the samples here . . .

Talk About The Policy:
The serve-order will be based on how fast you send me the Commission Form. If I didn't get any news from you for 48 hours after you secured the slot, I'm really sorry that I will cancel yours and open that slot again.Each person can only grab maximum
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Favourite styles of art: anime/manga, realistic fantasy
OS: Mac <3
Game Systems: PS4, PS3, PS2, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, DS, PS Vita, PSP -- play ALL THE THINGS! (Mostly JRPGs, some fighters, some adventure/action/explorer.)
Hobbies: Art, writing, reading, gaming, trying but failing to keep up with anime and tv series.
Current series recs: The King's Avatar, Natsume Yuujincho, Shingeki no Kyojin

Will not draw: Gore, explicit nudity, mecha. Not so great at made-up animal anatomy (ie. creature/animal closed species adopts) but every so often I give it a go anyway...

Commissions Waiting On
Laurent storybook style image (Daffupanda)
Elnin custom x 2 (Manaberry)
Laurent gijinka (Manaberry)
Virtue (Manaberry)
Birhan Ieldi (Manaberry)
Galatier couple pic (Khel)
Aurian Knight gijinka (Manaberry) * dependent on my finishing MYO first
Art for Valkyrie payment (Ende) * dependent on me getting off my butt and picking something

Art in icon by sordid-dessert
[Elnin] ELN041 by manaseed

I prefer to hold onto my babies with a death grip, usually, but I have a fair number of elnin (and a kittom and some customs on the way). I'm still pretty in love with this bab, given it was a CYOP and has some fun extra design elements in the jewellery accessories. But since I haven't given this bab much attention yet, I thought maybe they deserve a chance at a home where they can get more focus on them.

Okay to offer:
- USD (bab was $200)
- Trades (not too interested in species I don't have at least one of fav'd)
- Art, if I watch you or have commissioned you before
- Combinations of the above (if making a combo offer, I am more open to art from non-watched, non-previously-commissioned artists)

Not a first-come, first-served deal. Not definite that I will sell or trade at all.

I'm not interested in letting bab go just to become trade fodder, so although this isn't a FTO-prioritised sale/trade, number of owned elnin and trading history will be considered.

Thank you for looking at bab! (They appreciate the attention ;w; )

-- Hiding offers not under consideration, so it's easier for me to browse n.n --
  • Listening to: Sayuri
  • Playing: Persona 5


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