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Favourite styles of art: anime/manga, realistic fantasy
OS: Mac <3
Game Systems: PS4, PS3, PS2, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, DS, PS Vita, PSP -- play ALL THE THINGS! (Mostly JRPGs, some fighters, some adventure/action/explorer.)
Hobbies: Art, writing, reading, gaming, trying but failing to keep up with anime and tv series.
Current series recs: Yuri On Ice, Haikyuu, Drifters, Bungou Stray Dogs, Natsume Yuujincho

Will not draw: Gore, explicit nudity, mecha. Not so great at made-up animal anatomy (ie. creature/animal closed species adopts) but every so often I give it a go anyway...

Art in icon by sordid-dessert
For easier assistance with plotting and RPs, I've decided to keep a mini directory of my Elnin with links back to the masterlist posts and a short write-up on their personalities, jobs, etc. I'm huge into RP and character development and lasting plots. (My first adopt from Chel/Manaberry is my longest-running, most-RPed character ever with 10+ years of RP and plots and development.) I rarely ever agree to romantic pairings before significant RP has occurred to see how various characters interact and their potential for future development.

Please don't ask me to sell or trade. I never let characters go once I've connected enough for names and personalities to be settled, so anyone listed here is a never-sell.

Please DO ask for more info if you're interested in my characters. I love to talk about them and I love to talk plots and scenarios and who might meet who or who'll get along or who won't, etc.

[Elnin] ELN018 by manaseed
Gender: Male
Rank: Adventurer
Sexuality: ???

A hunter/trapper by trade, Sano comes from a very superstitious village famous for wearing masks to keep evil spirits in the nearby forest from possessing those passing through. Sano takes his trade and his duties seriously, but is rather
laissez-faire about personal matters and interactions. He doesn't like to get drawn into the troubles of others and prefers to not make waves. He can appear very easy-going or to have little personal preferences, but really it's just another kind of mask to try and make his life easy (since his job isn't). People who make him very, very annoyed might see the mask crack a little, but even when driven to insults he tries to deliver them in a manner leaving people confused if they were insulted or if he meant that deliberately, all the better for plausible deniability (and avoiding a scene)!

Sano doesn't leave his village area all that often, as he's an expert on tracking and hunting the wildlife there, though that may change further in the future. He's open to being met by people who visit his village or nearby areas, but not available to those who live in a different notable city/continent/area or who want to do travel journeys.

[Elnin] ELN021 by manaseed
LAURENT (Stygian King)
Gender: Male
Rank: Royal
Sexuality: ... No.

The last of a Royal line, Laurent was unprepared for a long-dormant family curse to infect him stronger than ever before, corrupting and changing his Pomu to give both a hostile second personality and an imposing second form. Given that Pomu are believed to be a physical manifestation of an Elnin's soul, Laurent and his mouthy companion Caelios are figures of horror to most Elnin (and any other races of Eyre familiar with the belief about the Pomu<->soul connection). It doesn't help that Caelios' bloodlust must be kept fed, either through destroying shylldra, feeding off Laurent's massive amounts of mana, or... for some strange reason, also smashing pots. (Laurent is an unwanted - yet unable to not invite due to giving offense - guest at weddings and other celebrations. He gets strongly encouraged to go kill shit beforehand and wear the sword out. WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THE SMASHED WEDDING.)

Laurent is a serious, often-exasperated, long-suffering Elnin who did nothing to deserve this trauma ever, he swears. 
Caelios is a foul-mouthed terror even when his bloodlust is sated, whom not even Laurent is safe from, and Laurent considers it one of the greatest injustices of the world that his Pomu can speak when Elnin are limited to empathic-telepathic communication.

Due to his status as a Royal Elnin, Laurent has
 a pretty full-time gig fighting shylldra, guarding miasma zones, and all that other fun stuff that royals have to do because of their high MP count and resistance to miasma corruption. He has a home base (which may or may not resemble a certain vampiric video game series castle) but doesn't get to spend much time there unless recovering from a long or exhausting mission. (And his "kingdom" would definitely not be somewhere others would tread lightly.) I am definitely open to him being met, but the curse does make him very off-putting to other elnin, especially on first encounters and I expect it to take time and plotting to work past that.

[Elnin] ELN026 by manaseed
ICHIGO (Strawberry Pop Rock)
Gender: Female
Rank: Adventurer
Sexuality: Heterosexual, Polyamorous (but prefers multiple romantic, committed connections)

Ichigo is a tomboy full of energy and (over-) confidence. She's brash and doesn't think her actions through, leading her into all sorts of mishaps. Despite being a tomboy, she adores frilly, girly clothing. She just happens to go do rough tomboy things in them and ruins most of her wardrobe. 
She'd call herself a treasure hunter if asked for her trade, but really she's more of a mercenary or jack-of-all-trades. When she enters a new village/town/city, she finds out what people want and then fills their requests, whether that's gathering resources, finding lost items, or even babysitting. She's surprisingly good with kids, given she's basically just a large kid herself, plus has already had her first litter.

She's the sort who'd be fine never visiting the same place twice, always looking out at the horizon for the next great adventure. Doesn't particularly matter what it is - treasure hunt, explore an uncharted frontier, rescue an elnin kit in distress - she's up for just about anything that will keep her busy and entertained. She's an absolute horror during winter when the miasma is at it's worst, especially if she gets stuck in a small village for a long length of time and has nothing to do. It's very annoying for anyone who has to deal with her - she gets the jitters, near buzzing with pent-up energy, and is horribly whiny to those around her.

As someone who travels anywhere and takes on any kind of job (excluding speciality tasks like shylldra hunting or Pathfinder guiding), Ichigo is open to meeting just about any kind of elnin, just about any kind of place.

[Elnin] ELN041 by manaseed
Gender: unknown
Rank: Nestling
Sexuality: unknown (STILL A KITTOM *PROTECTS* )

New, and still a baby, so I don't have much settled yet. They could end up being a villager and unable to travel, so can't pick a job yet either. I'm open for plotting and RP, just keep in mind they're still a bab and won't be travelling, or all that mature yet.

Vin is sneaky and a bit aggressive, with a love of disguises and costumes. They have an obsession with a certain feathered cat beast they saw a picture of in an old book, to the point of dressing up in a similar manner (Coeurl from Final Fantasy, of course). They have good stamina for playing and m
ight be a bit hyperactive, though everyone hopes it will settle as they age. Vin gets along with most other personality types, as long as people are okay with them being a bit of a sneak and a playful pouncer. They're not the sort to hold a grudge, so haven't yet worked out that other people might or do.

[Elnin] ELN056 by manaseed
SPIKE (Strawberry Bebop)
Gender: Gender-fluid (physical gender unknown)
Rank: Adventurer
Sexuality: unknown

Raised by their mother Ichigo, Spike is basically her polar opposite: very calm, very laid-back and altogether a bit embarrassed by their mother's behaviour. Perhaps because travelling with Ichigo's loud presence means they fade into the background a bit, but Spike doesn't reveal much about themself to the world in general. It's known that 'Spike' is a nickname, but neither Spike nor Ichigo have been forthcoming with another name or even Spike's gender. Spike seems a bit miffed by any gender assumptions or pronouns, but doesn't raise a fuss either way - gender-neutral pronouns of any kind are accepted without comment.

Suffers from acute second-hand embarrassment (even if the other person is not embarrassed, MOM WHY).

Growing up with Ichigo meant Spike has exposure to a lot of potential careers, but to Ichigo's utter bafflement (but proud endorsement!) Spike has become something of a botanist or documenter/identifier of nature. Spike indulges a love of travelling but with a more bookish nature, spending a lot of time in gijinka form to sketch plants and animals, with copies being sold to herbalists, hunters, and various other parties with an interest in correctly identifying the appearance and attributes of local flora and fauna.

Still often travels with Ichigo and is a bit of a "momma's kittom", despite the embarrassment they often suffer at witnessing Ichigo's actions.

[Elnin] G-ELN077 by manaseed
CASSIOPEIA (Night Lights)
Gender: Female
Rank: Adventurer
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Cass is an astronomer and star-mapper by trade. She dabbles a bit in astrology as well to keep her purse filled for the next journey, as the average citizen of Eyre is more interested in having their future told than buying navigational tools. She doesn't quite believe in astrology herself, but she's starting to have fun weaving elaborate stories around the very simple signs/meanings the movements of the stars give.

The biggest customer for her star-maps would be the Pathfinder Guild, who are the best-of-the-best explorers and guides to new or dangerous regions of Eyre. It means Cass makes a lot of repeat journeys to the same places, so she can accurately map out the night skies during each season without having to spend a year in every new area. She'd get too antsy waiting an entire year before moving on, so she's more like a merchant following a particular trade route back and forth.

She's friendly and optimistic, a bit more mature than her age-mates, and likes to cultivate an air of mystery in the villages and towns she visits, as she thinks it adds to her astrology / fortune-telling mystique. She's a gentle soul and generally prefers to travel with others since she doesn't like the idea of being forced to fight anyone or anything on the road, not even shylldra.

Elnin, Eyre, etc. (c) :iconmanaberry:
For more info, please visit :iconberry-bazaar:
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